Futures for Felons came to me as I was sitting in a cell, wondering just how the hell I had violated parole. Maybe if there were someone out there who cared enough…

Anyway, this site was developed by felons for felons. We know what it’s like out there, especially after having been down for a long stretch. It’s not easy. In fact, I actually had a parole agent tell me, “Parole’s not supposed to be easy.”

Futures for Felons provides help and assistance for felons who want to successfully re-enter society, better themselves, become the person they’ve always wanted to be, and never ever go back.

Prison Fence Futures For Felons

We’ve tried to include every asset available to make your return to the streets more bearable. We know we’ve missed some. Probably a lot. There’s a link for you to inform us of any felon-friendly resources you’ve come across. We are not a government agency, so the only funding we have to keep this going is your contributions.

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